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October 15, 2022

Dear Norm, it was your birthday yesterday, and we are thinking of you and missing you. We hope you are surrounded by the love, light and beauty of tango.

Last week, we received news of a great friend passing. Norman Lasko was a longtime supporter of Tango 21 & Tango 21 Dance Theater, and we are forever grateful to him. Our deepest condolences to his beloved Nettie, his family and friends. Until our next tanda, Norm!

To read more about Norman Lasko, please visit 

Adios Nonino (Astor Piazzolla, 1969)


Join us in 2023

Nexus: Tango Connect

By popular demand, stay tuned for a repeat performance in early 2023!



All public group class are currently on hiatus. New classes to be announced in 2022!

For information about group classes and private lessons, visit our dance school, TANGO 21. Beginners welcome!


August 22, 2022

It's our 8 year anniversary! In 2014, we debuted our very first show, "El Tango Café." Since then, we've created four more original theatrical shows, and we look forward to sharing more stories in the future.


Thank you for supporting us through the years! We look forward to sharing more stories with the art of tango soon. 

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